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Kaelyn Long

My Experiences Re-immersing into Introduction to Mathematical Thought

Kaelyn Long ’21

Faculty Mentor(s):
Dr. Lara Dick, Mathematics Department
Funding Source:

Throughout college, most students only have the opportunity to engage with course material once. As a senior, this past fall semester I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Lara Dick as a teacher assistant for the same elementary mathematics course I took my sophomore year. The ultimate goal was to re-immerse myself in both the math content and how children learn math concepts through the lens of a second-time learner, an observer, and a future elementary teacher. When attending classes, I learned both new and old concepts, formed new realizations about those concepts, and noted current preservice teachers’ struggles. In this poster, I share the methodology of conducting my self-study, the sub-categories that developed as a result of analyzing brain dumps I took after each class, and discuss how I will apply this experience to my future as an educator.

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