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Gari Eberly




Gari Eberly ’21



Faculty Mentor(s):

Katie Hays, English – Creative Writing

Funding Source:



Synthesis is a collection of poetry that explores how gender relations and race amalgamate to impact the maturation of an individual. These poems are scientifically-aware and influenced by my concurrent education in both Creative Writing and Biomedical Engineering. For the past four years, I have sought to bridge the gap between my two academic commitments: poetry and science. Both poetry and science exist as a means to ask and answer questions about the messy interactions that shape personalities and relations with the broader world. To be successful, both tools require dedication to detail, creativity, and exploration. On the page, poets mold language to reveal startling truths about how we engage with the world. In a lab, engineers leverage scientific theories to build technological innovations. Despite these similarities, I have noticed that interactions between poetry and science remain faint: a missed connection at the train station, an asymptote that never opens its mouth. Through this collection, I instead seek to converge these two disciplines at a single point by melding personal experience with scientific observations, as explored through a variety of poetic forms.


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